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The Counterweight Door Advantage

Whether you are a homeowner, builder or architect, a counterweight garage door from Remotadoor is quite simply the best garage door choice you can make. Here's some of the reasons why:

  • Proven Design - We've been building Counterweight Garage doors for over 40 years. We continually develop and improve, but the fundamentals are the same. It works great.
  • Maintenance Free - Each Remotadoor garage door's mechanism is engineered and made to precision so that everything is in balance. No springs to stretch, no fiddly parts or guides.
  • No Size or Weight Limits - We've done doors over 9 metres in length and seen them clad with all types of materials, from timber and ply to various sheet metal. Our qualified engineers ensure that your Remotadoor is perfectly balanced and operates with ease.
  • Great For Tight Spaces - Unlike many other garage doors on the market today a Remotadoor counterweight garage door can be made to fit with very little space around the door.
  • Completely Custom Made - Each garage door and its counterweight mechanism is designed and engineered with its location and purpose in mind. All pivot points, counterweights and mechanism are spot on. Nothing is impossible.
  • Australian Designed and Developed - Remotadoor Counterweight doors are designed and built in Melbourne for Australian conditions. We continue to develop our products to ensure that they suit ongoing progress in the Australian building industry.
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The Counterweight Garage Door Advantage

Find out why the Remotadoor Counterweight Garage Door is the best choice for homeowners, builders and architects.

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