Outstanding Garage Doors - Engineered To Last

Gone are the days when a garage door was a plain, functional part of your home. Thanks to Remotadoor's advanced design and engineering, your home can now be fully complemented by a great looking garage door.

We have been building some of the best garage doors in Melbourne for over 40 years and because of the way we design and build our doors and mechanisms, the choices of cladding material and finish are practically endless. From timber to steel, with mouldings or other architectural feature, a Remotadoor Garage Door is sure to enhance your home. 

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Superior Automation - Developed In Australia

We don't just build the best garage doors either. Over many years we have engineered our own electronics and mechanisms for all types of doors including, counterweight garage doors, roller doors, spring balance tilt door and swing gates. Our mechanisms are compact, quiet and extremely reliable. 

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Counterweight Garage Door Specialists

After 42 years in the garage door business we firmly believe that the best choice in garage doors is a fully automated Remotadoor counterweight garage door. Our proven design suits garage doors of virtually any size and style and is both reliable and practically maintenance free.

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The Counterweight Garage Door Advantage

Find out why the Remotadoor Counterweight Garage Door is the best choice for homeowners, builders and architects.

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